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August Newsletter

Tip of The Month RIP Journaling: Have You Tried It?

Journaling. We have all had someone along the way recommend journaling to reduce stress and relieve symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Unfortunately for me (and many others), journaling has always created more anxiety. Is it adequate? Is it thorough? What if someone else reads it? These thoughts would swirl through my mind, and I would be left with blank pages....and more blank pages....until I would toss it aside. Enter RIP journaling. RIP journaling for me is a cross between mind mapping and traditional journaling. RIP journaling is a process of writing everything down on paper and then ripping it (and some people even burn it) for the trash bin. It allows me to imperfectly get all of my thoughts down on paper without any fears or added anxiety. This expressive writing technique clears my head, boosts self-awareness, and eases stress and anxiety. The idea is to pick a word and write it in the middle of the paper, circle it, and then write everything that comes to mind around it. These can be single words, phrases or even sentences. I always choose single words or very short phrases, and I just jot down anything that comes to mind while I'm journaling during the session. Some things connect, and others do not. Both are ok. I like to use colorful pens and doodle along the way when I get stuck. The doodling gives me a bit more time in the practice. When I'm finished, I rip it and trash it. I recommend setting a defined time at first if journaling is difficult, perhaps 5 minutes to begin, and work from there. Traditional journaling can be part of the RIP journal process as well. Just write/journal as usual and RIP. Below is an example of a rip journal/mind map about mental health. Your mind map can be about something painful or something healing........or anything else. You choose! It's your journey, and it should be healing for you. Be well, Pam

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